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Example of RECALL Name card

  • Name Card with Small image with text.

To Scan the name card, we need to identify the identity of the name card for each person. By scan the whole card. In case of small logo and small text. It can cause an error display.

  • Name Card with only Text.

The trend name card is minimal. But RECALL needs something in details. To offer the needs client should use bold letter or bigger font, insert graphic or logo for RECALL to identify the card, to link to the content who belongs to.

  • Name Card with Big Image.

RECALL works efficiency with photo, graphic, symbol or logo on name card.  Highly recommended.

For organization’s name card. There are 2 options for the best result.

  1. All name cards link with one content such as company’s Youtube link, alpha video, 3D modelling. Name card allow to use by same layout with company logo or same graphic.
  2. To specify by person. Name card should be design in different symbol or graphic. For RECALL to remember which layout belongs to Mr.A., Mr. B or Mr. C.