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Shape and Surface for RECALL

Shape and Surface for RECALL

RECALL works efficiency on

  1. 2D Image
  2. Cube
  3. Bottle
  4. Cylinder

Mirror and Sphere are not recommended

  • 2D Image
  • Image for all types of print media. No glossy or shine recommended.
  • Cube
  • Works efficiency with High Definition Image.
  • Bottle
  • Bottle can use by RECALL but not recommended. According to its curve. The display of content will up to the scan’s angle, which hard for user to scan.
  • Can
  • With cylinder shape allow to use with RECALL but not work well. Be careful of glossy and shiny surface will affects the RECALL’s scan result.
  • Mirror
  • Highly not recommended due to its transparency.
  • Sphere
  • Not recommended due to its shape and curve.