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Type of Print Media

  • Textbook
  • Highly Recommended, it promotes the understanding of reader. Brings pictures alive.
  • Magazine, Journal, Bulletin, Newspaper
  • Highly Recommended. To get viral, promote promotions, advertorial, online coupon or highlight column in magazine without put any QR Code in page layout.
  • Handbill, Brochure, Flyers
  • Create WOW affect to products or events. No need to put QR Code in page layout. Can offer user for more product’s information, product promotion, event, etc.
  • J Flag
  • Work efficiency with shop promotion or scan to navigate the user to client shop.
  • Sign or Board
  • RECALL can link to insider of board’s information for user to get more attracted or understanding.
  • Back Drop
  • Regularly, back drop is a must for events. What if RECALL bring interactive 3D Model or Video Alpha for user play with? It create WOW affect and social media viral, social media engagement are the highest goal for free advertise for client’s event. The alive back drop can be the first impression and the first engagement for people to share to their social media channels.
  • Image, Invitation Card or Photobook.
  • Client allow link with their favorite photos to their Youtube’s links. Once client scan image, invitation card or photobook. Content which RECALL link with will display as scan result.
  • Name Card
  • RECALL offer more information of the person on name card with Youtube link, Alpha Video or 3D modelling as personal introduction, showcase of product, commercial link, etc.
  • Packaging, Product Crate or Box.
  • RECALL works well with packaging. To create uniqueness of the product can link the package to the content. For example, Product’s information, Product’s instruction, Product’s Story or Commercial link. It can be 3D Modelling, Youtube link, Alpha Video.